Hair and Beauty Salon and Spa For Sale(Real Estate Available)

Price: $350,000

Location: South East Wisconsin

Listing ID: 4102-18269

Listing Status: New


A high-end salon and spa between Madison and Milwaukee is a luxurious establishment
that offers a wide range of services catering to the needs of its sophisticated clientele. It
provides a serene and upscale ambiance where customers can indulge in premium
beauty and wellness treatments.
With an upbeat atmosphere, the salon and spa create a vibrant and energetic
environment for both guests and staff. The focus on education ensures that the salon and
spa stay up to date with the latest trends, techniques, and products in the industry. This
commitment to continuous learning allows the salon and spa to offer cutting-edge
services and deliver exceptional results to their clients.
Guest service is a top priority in a high-end salon and spa. The staff is trained to provide
personalized attention, ensuring that each guest feels valued and pampered throughout
their visit. From the moment they enter the salon to the time they leave; every aspect of their experience is carefully curated to exceed their expectations.
Overall, a high-end salon and spa between two big cities combines luxury, education, and guest service to create a haven of relaxation and beauty where clients can escape the hustle and bustle of city life and enjoy a truly indulgent experience.

The owner has an excellent staff in place (they are all W-2 employees). She has hired
support staff to help run the business. The owner spends about 25 hours a week with
clients and then spends about 15 hours a week on administrative tasks and employee relations.

The owner's benefit has decreased from 2021 to 2023 because of the added
staff. The extra staff has allowed the owner to work less and focus more on her clients and mentoring.

Facilities/Location/Real Estate

The facility was built in 2005. The owner had run a salon for about 10 years prior to
opening this location. She had the facility designed to accommodate her clients and staff comfortably. The location was updated in 2019. During the COVID pandemic they also installed a high-end air scrubbing system. She has extensive cleaning and organization protocols in place to keep the facility looking like new.

The parking lot was repaved in 2022. There are no pending repairs or updates needed to
the building.

The facility is 5,144 SF, and sits on approximately .79 acres.

Owner of the Salon owns the real estate and will negotiate a NNN Lease with a buyer of the business.

The real estate is also available for sale for $900,000.


Total Sales: $1,096,276

Cash Flow: $134,545

FFE: $187,945

Inventory: $28,500

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Patrick McAdams

Patrick McAdams